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Noodle Shack is constantly looking for business expansion. We now offer licensing opportunity to business owners who share our business vision and food passion. 

We believe Noodle Shack will aspire in time, to bring back the long lost taste and forgotten recipe that the market is longing for. We, together with our licensee, always pride ourselves for offering a healthier dining for our customers.

Why Us?

Familiar Taste

A dish we all grew up with. Widely accepted taste found through- out Malaysian market. However, method of preparation has evolved and true essence is lost along the way. Noodle Shack  is set to re-introduce a genuine recipe and traditional cooking method of this cultural dish.

Proven Market Acceptance

Existing Noodle Shack outlets have shown that our food offering is indeed widely accepted by Malaysian market, and our licensing business model is deemed successful, foolproof and healthy to all Noodle Shack Licensed Outlets.

High Standard of Quality

Friendly Service & Cozy Environment

Friendly is always the key when it comes to service industry. Noodle Shack strive to provide a friendly taste in a friendly dining environment for a friendly price in all outlets with comprehensive employee training, reasonable pricing, standardized open concept design and  extensive al-fresco seating that suits Malaysian culture.

Low Start Up & Simple Operation

Kiosk Concept: RM200-250k, 6 workers
Café Concept: RM350-400k, 8-10 workers

​Central Kitchen & Online ERP

With industrial standard cooking capability and packaging, along with Noodle Shack in-house customized ERP system, a foolproof monitoring channel is established from HQ to all outlets to ensure proper food quality management & logistic planning of all outlets, providing the best Noodle Shack dining experience to customers in all area.

Training Facility & Routine Operation Audit.

Extensive training to new recruits by HQ using outlet real life environment, along with experienced launching team support during outlet opening to ensure operation smoothness.

Routine operation standard assessment conducted by HQ auditor to achieve operation & quality assurance, or re-training order to be issued to outlet which under-performs.

Standard Operating Procedure & Licensing Agreement

Standard set rules of operation are stipulated and straightly abiding all Noodle Shack outlets by legal acknowledgement to ensure maximum standardization in service practice & food quality across the brand.

And Most Importantly, 

We SHARE & CARE ....

We always SHARE what we have learnt in our outlet's operations, the good or the bad, to all our licensees and partners, so that you can get the most out of our experience. How to improve operation efficiency? How to ensure good customer experience? 

We CARE, sometimes in an "annoying nagging" kind of way, so that your staffs and your outlet are always at their best readiness to serve.

So, go ahead and contact us,
or fill up the Interest Registration Form. We will get back to you shortly afterwards.

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