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Spread Joy with Noodle Shack's Chari-Tea 5.0 Charity Event!

Hey Noodle Shack Community!

Get ready to make a difference with us as we launch our annual charity event, Chari-tea 5.0! This year marks the 5th anniversary of our Charitea campaign, where we come together to spread joy and love to those in need from 12th May to 16th June.

The Circle of Love Continues: Chari-tea 5.0 is more than just a charity event; it's a celebration of kindness and generosity. For every bottle of our famous homemade sambal purchased at RM23.90, you just need to scan the QR code provided by House of Joy for payment as a donation directly to their cause. It's a simple act of kindness that can make a huge difference in someone's life!

From Our Kitchen through Your Hands to Their Hearts
The Circle of Love

About House of Joy: Founded in 1992, House of Joy is a beacon of hope for children without a complete family, elderly individuals, and the disabled. With 5 orphanage houses (4 in Puchong and 1 in Taiping) and 2 old folks homes in Semenyih, House of Joy provides shelter, care, and support to those in need.

Join the Celebration: Chari-tea 5.0 is not just about donating; it's about spreading love and joy in our community. Share the news with your friends and family, and let's make this year's campaign the most successful one yet!

Get Involved:

  1. Visit any Noodle Shack outlet and purchase a bottle of our homemade sambal.

  2. Scan the House of Joy QR code to donate RM23.90 directly to them.

  3. Visit and share House of Joy's Facebook page to learn more about their incredible work.

  4. Enjoy a complimentary tea on your next visit to Noodle Shack with our special tea voucher.

Let's make Chari-Tea 5.0 a celebration of love, kindness, and giving back to the community. Together, we can make a difference!

With love and gratitude,

Noodle Shack Team

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