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Advancing to the Future with a Noo-dles (New Us)!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

FoodPanda and Oddle. That's right folks, we are now available for delivery on FoodPanda and Oddle! But why only now, and not when food delivery are people's choice?

For us, What we prioritise more than filling your stomach is the sentiment of providing you a place or even an excuse of being together - be together physically, and be close to one another. That, in itself, is what we believe to be a complete dining experience for both you and us.

With that said, our decision to have food delivery done and our belief of providing the best quality food are contradicting one another, as food delivery will impede on our food quality.

The announcement of Movement Control Order (MCO) by the government eventually changed everything. When the order was in place, the thoughts occupying our mind was that how could we be close to you, who are our customers, during that period of time? It had made things difficult as you can't come to us and the conclusion that we came up would be that we will go to you instead...... for NOW.

Aligned with the implementation of delivery service on our side, food quality is our main concern. To ensure the quality of our food when it arrives at your door step, we came up with an E-Menu that consists of ONLY long noodle that gives a better texture with delayed serving.

Dining is not just about fulfilling our hunger and crave. It's our family moment, our friendship moment, our culture, and our life. We are ready and standing by to do what we do best, which is to serve you steamy good foods with a SMILE. Until then, let us all be reminded that while you are missing our taste at home, we are missing you dearly too.

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