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END GAME?? NO way………….

Charitea 3.0 has finally come to an end, with overwhelming support from our friends and families. It has been particularly meaningful this year, seeing support from different channels, during the time of need, the time of love.

Every year we will introduce a non profit organization to our customers by holding a charity sale event, hoping to raise some fund and create publicity for them. No thanks to covid-19 this year, we were concerned of not having enough footfall patronizing our outlets, so we added the Charitea 3.0 campaign on our web and try our hands-on digital marketing to promote the love sharing event.

On our first day of launching, we managed to sell more than a handful of children paintings at RM10 each for Charis Old Folks Home and collected several additional donations directly deposited to Charis acc, thank you thank you and thank you.

Outlets are also showing an encouraging sign from our limited customers during CMCO, many have picked up their handphone and transferred their donation to Charis using e-wallet without hesitation, no CMCO is gonna stop them from caring for others…

This is definitely just the beginning. Even though Charitea 3.0 has come to an end, we are sure that many will keep supporting Charis, continue sharing their love with the “Uncle and Auntie” there. Noodle Shack will continue doing what we believe is the right thing to do, because your good hearts have shown us so. Thank you, stay healthy and stay safe….

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