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Good things we get outta Covid-19 pandemic. Seriously, there’s such a thing….

While we are coming out of MCO 2.0, hoping there will be no MCO 3.0 due to the available vaccine, I can’t stop but to look back on our life for the past 12 months. So much has happened while ironically we were all sitting at home not doing much…..

The impact is huge on everyone, the so-called “new norm” is no longer "New" to our daily routine. It changes our life and our life perspective…

Even though we are all too eagerly going back to our life before/ without Covid, I am sure there are plenty that we’ve picked up during the lockdown that we should never rid of….

Here are a few changes that wonderfully happened in my lockdown life that offers much-needed light throughout the dark time.

More family time, more love:

Needless to say, we all have a greater appreciation to family and friends after this life-changing pandemic. We are grateful for their love and care, we are grateful for their company and support. Personally, I have spent more time with my old folks in 2020 than in any other years. All too often we let our work and social life get into the way of paying just a little bit more attention to our family, especially our old folks. We were there but never actually there, and I will make sure I remember that from now on.

Sweat it out:

With newfound free time and boredom in hand, many have picked up new hobbies like cycling, cooking or gardening. The truth is pandemic or not, physical and mental health is something we should never take lightly. My hubby and I have picked up cycling to stay physically fit and mentally positive. After bottles of sunscreen SPF 50 and hundreds of kilometres of butt-soring rides, we have taken the time to see places, rather than just passing them by. Places we are allowed to go obviously, we are under movement control after all.

Be grateful to all things big and small:

We always talk about how we’ve been taking things for granted, and how we should have taken the time to see things and appreciate things blah blah blah… Finally, nature has made a move on us. It’s a wake-up call everyone would comprehend differently. Simple things like sipping my Americano in some neighbourhood cafe in between appointments has never been so meaningful, cause we have never realized the meaning of NOT being able to do so. One thing that I tasted in my “Kopi Oh Kosong” during the pandemic is the taste of sweet outta every cup of bitterness. I thank God for everything that has happened, and everything that hasn’t.


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