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Happy 12th Birthday Noodle Shack 🎂

The last time I remember, we were just celebrating our 10th years anniversary, with some lucky draws and games for our customers, it was fun fun fun…

Now we are 12 years young!!! A full cycle of the Chinese Zodiac back to the year of Ox. Skip the 11th birthday celebration due to you know what and why, this year we get to be with our team and customers on this special day. Just serving simple Pan Mee like always, there isn’t any celebration going on. Somehow we feel blessed and meaningful, being able to do what we do, and doing it with people that we care.

While digging for old photos of Noodle Shack for our 12th Anniversary posting on social media, we recalled many old faces who helped us build this family, we thank them for their sweat, tears, and laughter.

Noodle Shack has grown, so is my waistline and gray hair. We have learned a great deal throughout this journey, from little success and many failures, and we will continue growing, however slowly, we will continue…

Let us look forward to our 13th Birthday, our yearly ChariTea campaign, our yearly company trip, and our anniversary celebration with special dishes to surprise our customers next year. Let us look forward to going back to the “old norm”. Noodle Shack wishes everyone health and safety.

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