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Let’s RICE to the occasion…..🍚

Beras Malaysia
Noodle Shack Season Special 2021 Egg Fried Rice #berasmalaysia

Egg Fried Rice, so simple yet so difficult to master. Every single grain of rice coated in golden egg yolk jumping in your frying wok. It requires high heat, it requires chilled rice, and it requires as little seasoning as possible so that you could taste the egg in every bite. Most importantly, it could never be soggy and sticky. Your perfect fried rice has to be parched, dry and golden.

It took us quite a while before finalizing our cooking method, to produce a bowl of simple fried rice good enough for thousands of Noodle Shack’s friends. Quality has to be consistent, if not the best flavor of your liking. Taste has to be homey, cause we are your homey kitchen since day one. Needless to say, there’ll be no MSG or artificial flavoring of any kind, if you haven’t known us by now.

A) Hakka Pounded Tea Egg Fried Rice (Meatless)

Vegetarian delight. Nothing says Hakka more than this centuries-old ethnic recipe, with Noodle Shack added twists presented in fried rice form.

B) Olive & Tofu Egg Fried Rice

Don’t mistake it for the olive oil in your salad!!! Our olive fried rice packs an aromatic & savory punch on another level, a genuine Teow Chew taste.

C) Seaweed & Egg Fried Rice

Mouthful of Umami with seaweed, crispy shrimps and egg, fried to golden perfection.

D) Sambal Shrimps & Egg Fried Rice

Sambal Chili Shrimps, Noodle Shack's all-time best-seller, is now served in golden egg fried rice. Proven formula, powerful taste.

E) Hakka Salted Fish & Egg Fried Rice Some say this is a Cantonese dish, while some argue this is genuinely Hakka. To us, it’s simply the best and most popular fried rice in all southeast Asia countries. In fact, you'll find a different version of it in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam etc...

We’ll be rolling out 5 exciting flavors at launch, and gathering your feedback and preference along the way. There are few more ideas under the sleeves, hopefully, to showcase them all after the lockdown. Can’t wait…… we miss you all.💕💕


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