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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Eventually, things will progress and advance with every new decision made. Prior to our ideals and decision in regards to food delivery services, some changes needed to be done on our side in order for things to progress smoothly. Internally speaking, Process Automation and Digitalization is what we believe to be two of the factors we can improve and apply on.

Process Automation:

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to master. In Pan Mee Cooking business, we

always run into a brick wall when it comes to controlling noodle cooking time. Fresh noodles like ours are always subjected to over-cooked or under-cooked, especially during lunch and dinner peak.

With the introduction of Auto Lifting Noodle Machine into our production line, water

temperature and cooking time is tested and programmed to eliminate human error during busy hour.

A simple yet effective way to ensure noodle texture and springiness. We have seen our first Auto Lifting Noodle Machine in ACTION in Paradigm outlet, soon upgrade will be done in all outlets.


Online food ordering and delivery service: Platforms like Oddle and Food Panda have enable us to reach out to our customers. However, we have to limit our menu selection, excluding hand torn noodle variant which is not suitable for delayed serving.


Ding Talk App:

We have adopted Ding Talk as our corporate communication platform to bring our team and our work closer to each other. Apart from being a Chatting App, Ding Talk also serves as our server to hold Noodle Shack VIDEO SOP (more on that in next writing) readily accessible to all outlet operators with their handphone. We believe SOP is crucial to our quality control, but more crucially is a SOP that everyone can comprehend and keen on reading…. or WATCHING, in our case.


Team Up Payroll System:

Not exactly rocket science, but a simple solution to cut short hours of HR job so that we could focus on more important tasks, like developing training programs for outlet operators and recruiting more energetic young team members.

In order for things to move forward, changes are needed, changes are necessary; and for most parts, it must be started from us so that we can provide YOU with our best service and food, in the easiest and quickest way possible. We believe that through this, both you and us will be at the peak of our emotions everytime we meet.

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