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Noodle Shack: Malaysia's homey noodle kitchen with a heartwarming history

We've probably walked past Noodle Shack in IPC Shopping Centre, 1 Utama, Avenue K and Paradigm Mall hundreds of times, without knowing the history and humanity behind this brand.

Noodle Shack has endured 12 years since its birth - an eternity in the life expectancy of Malaysian restaurants.

From a small, 400-square-foot eatery that launched in Ikano Power Centre, it has multiplied into a beloved brand with four locations, spanning a combined space of 4,000 square feet.

When it started in April 2009, when many teenagers today were still toddlers, Noodle Shack was thankful to be selling 50 bowls of noodles each day.

Before the current pandemic, it was serving 1,000 bowls daily.

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