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This Local Noodle Shop Is Known For Their Hand-Torn Pan Mee, Salted Egg Deep Fried Tofu & More

Hello, foodies! Nothing says comfort food like a bowl of hot noodle soup and you know it. If you’re on the hunt for a new noodle shop to go to, we’ve got a suggestion for you. And, this place will certainly be your new favorite once you’ve tried their noodles. Let us introduce you to this local restaurant called Noodle Shack, which serves a variety of homemade noodles and they’ve just recently launched some rice dishes too!

We can all agree that the best type of noodles is the ones that are handmade. And, that’s absolutely the case for Noodle Shack. Their noodles are handmade fresh daily in-house. You can find Traditional Pan Mee, Hakka Mee, and other local noodle dishes here. Take a look below at what we recommend you to try the next time you visit Noodle Shack!

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